The Heart & Throat Chakra Dinner


Please join us for an evening to explore the Heart and Throat Chakras!

A Chakra is an energy wheel; we have seven chakras which go from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. These can become blocked when our emotions are out of balance or when we experience anxiety/stress which can manifest in pain or illness.

The dinner will be about learning how to balance and energise your Heart & Throat chakras via food, visualisation, connection, various yoga poses and affirmations.

We will have a three-course dinner from the amazing Spook, cold pressed juices from my go-to: CPRESS, unlimited Kombucha from the one and only Boo Chi and many more exciting partners including Dash, Bodyism and PAMA London!

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The Heart & Throat Chakra Dinner, 7pm Wednesday 25th April at The Dot Project, 94 Fulham Road, SW3 9HS.




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