Self love

Self Love, for those who are ready to put themselves first.  

The reason I like to focus so much on Self Love is because I really believe that when we want to make changes, they have to come from a loving place – rather than one of self hate. In this course I help people fall in love with themselves and their lives. I help them to set boundaries with themselves and others, understand who they really are and what they do and don’t like doing, how to manage expectations and how to think and respond in a more positive way. The Law of Attraction is something I love to work on with clients as it’s so effective and powerful! This then sets people up to make lasting changes.

3 months
6 sessions (each session is up to 1.5 hours)
24/7/365 contact (within reason)

I ensure that my courses are tailored to the individual, so the exact format varies slightly. But we will cover the following (but not limited to):
Boundaries (with yourself and others around you)
Relationships (with yourself and others)
Self respect
Self care
Appreciation for yourself and others
Food habits