Holistic & Crystal Healing Event with Santa M...

Holistic & Crystal Healing Event with Santa Monica

On a bleak, mid-February morning I was asked to get involved with an event of bringing Santa Monica to London, I was instantly keen. I love California! And boy could we have done with some of that Californian sunshine over here!

Fast forward to April 1st, the sun is shining and we’re at Glow Bar, an infrared sauna bar that opened a stones throw away from Oxford Circus last summer. When I arrived, the sun was shining (tick), it smelt like spicy, southern California food (tick), there were turmeric syringe shots (tick) and oodles of sage, Palo Santo, crystals etc (massive tick!); they’d absolutely nailed it.

Polly Crossman had done the most beautiful illustrations

This is the one she did for me, how gorgeous! And although she’s depicted the essence of Santa Monica around the border, I’m pretty sure she’s instead captured my brand!

Downstairs, on a corner sofa and a couple of knee-height tables is where the TBalance magic happened.

I held 8 x 20 minute Holistic coaching & crystal sessions with some of the guests. We had no time to waste in these micro sessions, so they were trim, to the point and great fun (with the odd emotion peppered in there). Each guest told me their woes and I prescribed them the relevant crystal, they then cleansed and programmed the crystal themselves using Palo Santo and their intention and left with a little something to carry them through whatever it was they were needing some assistance with.

I always feel such a buzz after meeting and helping people, but there was something especially wonderful about the energy created at this event. I’m putting it down to the wonderful team at Hills Balfour PR and Sasha, Founder & Creator of the beautiful Glow Bar. Oh wait… Or was it that Santa Monican energy?! I don’t know, but get me on a plane, I’ve gotta go back.


Illustration: Polly Crossman