Sleep… Did you know?

Stay cool

Research shows that you actually sleep better when the temperature is cooler, they say around 17 degrees. This is because our body temperature drops initiate sleep. Try turning the thermostat down at night, opening a window or using a fan to cool your room. So snuggle up – and prepare to catch some Z’s!

Create a routine

One of the most simple ways to help you fall asleep faster is to start a bed time routine. Over time you can train your brain so that, when you start your routine your body and mind knows that its almost time to sleep. This is also a perfect time to improve other areas of your life such as reading, or stretching or beauty/personal hygiene! If you get into a good habit of unplugging and then doing something relaxing, your brain will have time to slow down and prepare for sleep. To create a routine that sticks, it generally takes 21 days to form good habits so, don’t give up on this one right away!

Don’t go to bed hungry

This one sounds pretty obvious but, it really is important. While we sleep our bodies are still running and require energy, and without food-based energy you’re running the risk of waking up still feeling tired. I try not to eat too near to going to bed and have about 3 hours digestion before I sleep. This works perfectly for me!

Leave you stress at the door

Although this sounds easy, this is hardest of all, and its one of the reasons why so many people have trouble sleeping. Personally, my brain is constantly going with the to do list and schedules that, I never truly feel relaxed. But, trying to keep your bedroom as a relaxing area. Try to drop all of these thoughts at the door of your bedroom – keeping it as a separate space with no distractions.


Whether its a computer, tv, or your phone, try to unplug from it. Turn off entertainment earlier and keep it off! Try to turn everything off a half hour before you actually get in bed. Once its off, you can start your bedtime routine.

This is a hard one sometimes because, once its off, im sure your brain kicks into high gear and starts things of 100 to-dos. Instead of grabbing your phone to add them, try simply writing them down on a notepad. The light from the pixels in the screen over stimulate your brain especially if you are already tired. It may not seem like much but, even checking a notification can get your brain going again. But, most importantly, remember to set your alarms before your bedtime routine too!