The TBalance Holiday Survival Guide

Brace yourself — the holiday season is amongst us.

Between the last-minute shopping, chaotic family time, and the urge to eat every shortbread in sight, its no wonder we feel a bit stressed out this time of year. In order to help you nativatge the madness this time of year elicits, I’ve pulled together some of my best tips to keep your spirits bright this holiday season.


Go through your diary and put a line through at least 2 evenings of your week for the next 4 weeks. This is your ‘me time’ where you can do your salt scrubbing and brushing, take an hour long bath, indulge in something Christmassy on TV or just simply have an early night to recoup. It’s also a great way of checking yourself, making sure that you’re not over doing it and just saying yes to everything. You can double take to the invites you receive.


This leads me on nicely to ‘only saying ‘yes’ to the things you want to’. One of the most important things I’ve learnt – your time is precious, spend it wisely and make sure that the things you are doing fill you with happiness! (and not dread)


Don’t let the exercise regime slip whilst being mindful to not overdo it! If the immune system is feeling a little battered… Listen to what your body needs, perhaps it needs a spin to start of the week’s good intentions, or does it need a Yin-Yoga to re-centre, stretch and nourish?


Drink the juice of 1/2 a lemon with hot water every morning. Heard it a million times? For good reason! The benefits include: – Helps to maintain the body’s natural pH level – Aids digestion – Flushes out toxins from the liver – Supports the immune system


Get yourself some probiotics to support the health of your gut (Symprove or Ultimate flora)


When you’re out, stick to one type of drink! And alternate each one with a glass of water.


If it’s been an especially late one then drink a Diaoralyte rehydration sachet before bed


Be prepared! Make sure that you have nutritious foods which support hangovers in your fridge, so that you are reaching for these instead of the takeaway pizzas. Spinach, eggs, avocado, rye bread and fresh ginger tea are especially good.


Stay present in the moment, your time is the most valuable thing you can give so enjoy where you are and who you’re with whilst it’s happening.


Keep up the things that make you feel good – sometimes the buzz of Christmas with extended families can be draining. Make note of 3 things that keep you on track which you can turn to if it all gets too much. For me these things are: – Getting outside and staying active, long walks in nature are so healing. Perhaps even on my own if I’m feeling I need a recharge! – Meditation is also my go-to if I’m feeling that a) I need an escape or b) I’m feeling drained – I carry a Black Tourmaline crystal in my pocket for grounding and protection.

  1. Elle Wilyman

    5 December