Accountable To This Years Resolutions?

Accountable To This Years Resolutions?

Wow! This year has been going at record pace.

It seems like only yesterday that we rang in New Year 2018, and set wonderful New Years Resolutions for the year ahead. What did you commit yourself to? How are you holding yourself accountable to these commitments?

One thing I love about looking back on resolutions at this time of year, is that it allows us the opportunity to capitalize on that Autumn/back to school season. And this feeling of resetting and getting back into routine is not only a great time to recommit yourselves to all those things you wanted to achieve over the year, but also set the foundations for next year.

What you do now can accelerate you to ensure you hit the ground running in 2019.

With only 3 months left in 2018, here are 4 ideas that might help you push to complete this years resolutions (or get a head start on 2019!)


If you are looking grow and develop in your career in the New Year, now might be the time to learn a new skill. Weather its big or small, setting this time aside to do something that expands your knowledge of a specific area is going to make you feel empowered and prepared when the new year strikes.


It doesn’t matter what your next big goal is – it will be more attainable if you expand your network. Get outside of your social group, and set specific goals for yourself in terms of the people you want to meet, and then figure out how to make that intro. With the increase of social media usage between business and individuals alike, there’s so many different methods of connecting – if you just take a small step outside of your comfort zone.


In many ways this time of year is a much better time to start an organizational project, than January. The change of season is a built-in opportunity to evaluate your surroundings. If you are overwhelmed by the distractions of your devices, consider putting pen to paper with a bullet journal. If weeknight dinners are a source of stress, start planning out meals or consider trying a meal delivery service. The changes you make now will help you get through the busy holiday season, too.


Getting up and running with a new exercise routine can be easier now than it will be in January. Take advantage much less busy gyms, or the fresh Autumn air to mix things up. You might need to find new alternatives for early morning or evenings that now that we are starting to have less light. So, use the Autumn to play around with different workouts at different times so that by January 1st you will won’t be one of the “resolutionaries” but will instead be one of the regulars.

Remember that the benefits of what you do today will be reaped tomorrow. So rather than looking back at what you haven’t done, focus on what you can do today to better your life for tomorrow.

In the end, your goals are yours. Start living your best self and challenge yourself daily.

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