Your Guilt Free Guide to Indulging on Holidays

Your Guilt Free Guide to Indulging on Holidays

You’ve made it through the cold winter months, and that vacation you’ve been waiting all year for is finally here. The excitement and anticipation for this trip has been building for weeks. Here’s your guilt free guide on how to avoid throwing away months of healthy living for one gluttonous getaway:


1. Start before you get there – First off, remember that your vacation doesn’t start the second you’re on the beach. Kick start your travel by eating fresh, nutrient-rich foods that are going to fuel you before you’re 30,000 ft up in the air. If you’re looking for airport snack suggestions – check out our latest blogpost for some snacks to grab on the go!

2. Keep Moving – Travel often involves enduring long flights, arduous car journeys and extended airport qeues. With all this waiting around, you may start to feel lethargic and achy. Combat this by stretching your legs, taking some deep breaths, and staying active. Doing this will keep you energized, prevent stiffness, and keep you feeling positive and ready to hit the beach!

3. Don’t overindulge at every meal – Of course you are entitled to the occasional treat – you are on holiday after all. However, moderation is certainly the key here. Pick your vice: whether it’s a carb-heavy option like pasta, a decadent dessert or a sugary cocktail, try to limit it to only one a day.

4. Pack your plate with nutrients – One of the perks of travelling? Trying new cuisines and fresh local produce. Take the opportunity while you’re away to experiment with fresh fruit over pre-package snacks, and as a rule of thumb: always have 1 green thing on your plate!

5. Stay Hydrated! – If you’re spending your vacation in the sun, it is crucial to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Set a goal to drink a glass of water when you first wake up, and keep your intake consistent all day. We all love to unwind on holiday with a good drink, yet we often forget that alcohol packs a sugary punch (especially if it comes with a teeny umbrella on the top!) Keep these cravings at bay by using fresh fruit in your cocktail rather then a mix, or go lite and opt for wine, or any other less sugary option.

Perhaps the golden rule of holidaying-healthily is to remember that relaxing and letting your hair down doesn’t have to entail overindulging, overeating, over drinking or binging your diet to junk food. Its all a matter of balance.