Fly Better: Staying Healthy While Travelling

Fly Better: Staying Healthy While Travelling

Going on vacation doesn’t have to compromise your healthy habits. Here are some of my top tips for staying healthy while collecting those frequent flyer points.

Running late for a flight – here are some quick snacks you can grab on the way to your gate:

  1. Pret’s Roasted Beets, Squash & Feta Veggie Box: Its no surprise the first item on this list is something quick and easy from Pret A Manger — this small veggie box packs a big punch, with colourful vegetables and fibre-rich foods, this box keep you feeling full on those long haul flights.
  2. Deliciously Ella Energy Bites: Easy to pack and eat on the go, these bites will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Opt for these over the always-tempting airline biscuits!
  3. Coconut Collaborative Yogurt: Diary free, this yogurt alternative will fight in flight bloating and is a great alterative to the sugary options offered on most airlines.
  4. ProperCorn: Craving chips? Reach for these instead. Salty or sweet, this popcorn is a guilt free way to combat those cravings.
  5. EAT Houmous & Crudite Pot: This quick snack is like sunshine in a pot. Creamy houmous served with crunchy carrots and sweet sugar snap peas, its a no brainer for a last minute snack!
  6. Moma Porridge: A quick breakfast or snack option that will keep you feeling full throughout your flight. Tip: Grab a banana on your way to the gate, and ask the stewardess to fill it with hot water, so you can enjoy hot while 33,000 ft up!



And please, always remember to stay hydrated! The humidity on planes can be as low as 15% which is drier than the Sahara desert! NB on a 10 hour flight, men can lose up to 2L water and women 1.6L… So drink up!


Tori x

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