How to: Use Nature & The Extra Hour of Light ...

How to: Use Nature & The Extra Hour of Light to Reconnect

As the power of technology is at an all time high with 10 hours being the average time spent using our computers and phones per day, it is becoming increasingly more important to make sure that we have a connection with nature.

‘Nature deficit disorder’ is actually a thing! Due to a reduced awareness of what’s happening around us leading to a poorer ability to find the meaning of life.

I have a handful of tips for you to reconnect with nature this Spring… Use the longer evenings to:

  • Get outside! And commit yourself to walking home from work and make this a mindfulness exercise (as well as another form of exercise!). Be mindful of the scenery around you. The people you cross paths with. And the way it makes you feel to be out and about rather than squashed on the tube!
  • Spend evenings in the park with your friends. (Instead of in a restaurant or on the sofa!)
  • Join a team where you’re playing sport outside! Fill your lungs with much needed fresh air after being stuck inside all day!
  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Envisage roots coming out of the bottom of them to really solidify your connection to the earth.
  • On a sunny day, visualise the sun beaming into your upper abdomen and energising your Solar Plexus Chakra – strengthening your willpower and confidence.
  • Use Spring to nourish yourself with an array of exciting new foods that are in season. Change up the recipes and include some: halibut, salmon, peppers, spinach, artichokes (and try my Spring Salad…)


By being more mindful of the changes going on around you, by nourishing yourself with the Spring foods and getting outside – you will feel a stronger connection with yourself as well as nature which will help you to nurture any new budding relationships.