Cleansing Your Space

I’ve known about cleansing spaces for a long time because my Mum is never without her blue bottle, spritzing her surroundings! However, it really hasn’t been something I’ve been into until the past handful of months.

Burning the South American treasure, Palo Santo was something I started doing religiously last summer. I couldn’t get enough of the smell! Palo Santo literally means ‘holy wood’ and has been used for centuries by Shamans and Saint’s in their sacred rituals. Not only does it smell unreal but it is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing powers. It energetically cleanses the space around you, eases anxiety and stress, enhances immunity, releases symptoms of the common cold – incredible right?
I’ll burn my Palo Santo before seeing a client, whilst I’m having a bath and throughout my home to cleanse the space.
These three products below have rapidly become my favourite way to keep the energy aligned whilst on the go… rather than carrying sticks around in my bag!

Roques O’Neil – Restore Aura Spray

This refreshing and calming mist was inspired by the use of sacred materials that have been used in ancient cultures to protect and restore harmony. When sprayed it creates a protective shield that protects these rituals in our modern world.  It is laced in rose quartz which not only opens the heart, but promotes self love, determination and commitment.
All it takes is 3 sprays to reap the benefits…

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Yoga and meditation atmosphere mist – Root & Flower

This rosey, herby, botanical blend smells unreal and instantly purifies your space. Encouraging awareness and inviting acceptance. It’s made up of 2 main ingredients:

Frankincense – great for calming the physical self whilst awakening higher consciousness, encouraging peace and the awareness and stillness of the breath. Ahh…

Cardamom – softens your thought patterns whilst encouraging kindness and compassion.

I use it at home before I meditate and it’s great for spritzing around your space before a yoga practice. Often my clients like to spray it around them before their sessions, to cleanse and align the space – and it can really be used wherever awareness and acceptance is welcomed as it’s an incredibly powerful energy shifter!

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Star Essence – Sacred Sanctuary Spray

The Feng Shui spray helps to create a more relaxing atmosphere whilst aligning and clearing your surrounding energy. Keep only what makes your heart sing! It promotes clearing and harmonising on multiple levels with essences of Dandelion, Oregano & Rose Mallow to support decluttering… While White Sage and Muna vibrationally cleanse and shift the unhelpful energies and then the revitalising scent of Fir essential oil leaves the space smelling as clean and fresh as it feels!
It makes an amazing house warming gift, to purify a new home and I love to spray this in my space and around me before I sleep! It’s also a great one to cleanse the crystals with…

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