Invigorate The Immune System

Invigorate The Immune System

It’s that time of year again… The mornings are getting darker and colder, there are sniffles in the air and hoarse voices around every corner.

The immunes are being tested and it’s time to vamp up the self care. I was actually bed ridden myself last week, whacked out with the most miserable cocktail of headaches, a chesty cough and a blocked nose; far from ideal!  For me, the worst thing about this is when your head goes completely fuzzy and the pretty simple task of wading through emails is HELL ON EARTH. Anyway, here are a handful of ways for you guys to curb the cold, support the immune system and basically just not let the season change get the better of you.


It’s the ultimate remedy isn’t it?! And I swear the hours I clocked up last week have now put me in a great position to take on Winter!
If you live in a place where you actually experience the four seasons, then by the time it gets to Autumn/Winter, you’re most likely wanting to remain tucked up in bed in the fetal position. The weather actually disrupts some of your body’s natural processes, mainly the production of melatonin (the hormone that helps to control your sleep cycles), which is decreased with the lack of sunlight.


Think “high in vegetables & whole grains and low in saturated fats”
The brighter the fruit or veg, usually the higher in nutrients they are. So for example, spinach and kale are more nutrient-dense than iceberg lettuce. Up your greens!
– Drink Hot Water & Lemon every morning – for me this is a daily essential, mainly because it helps to cleanse and hydrate the system first thing in the morning, it’s massively detoxifying and it also gives the system a huge whack of Vitamin C which is imperative for fighting colds.
– Down Ginger shots – I know these are pretty savage and you may feel as though your throat is on fire once consumed! But there is a reason there is so much hype around the pure ginger shot. It’s quite simply because its an incredible antibacterial, it can help to break down the accumulation of toxins in your organs and helps to eliminate congestion. If a ginger shot is too much for you then try chopping up some fresh ginger and adding it to your hot water & lemon in the morning or whack a knob of it into your freshly made juices.

Don’t smoke

This kind of goes without saying, of course… However if you are partial to a cheeky ciggy and you’re finding that you’re starting to get run down, then the cigarettes are what you need to cut out. Even if its for a handful of days – it’ll boost your immune system for sure!

Cut back on caffeine

Potential bad news for all you coffee drinkers. However each time you think you’re charging yourself up with coffee, you’re actually suppressing your immune system. This is simply because caffeine can raise your cortisol levels and cortisol (the stress hormone) attacks the immune system… which might explain why people often feel rough when they’re stressed.


During winter, I still continue to take my Bodyism probiotics, but I also take echinacea drops daily, in a glass of water – echinacea increases the production of white blood cells which fight infections. Start taking these now! Regardless of whether you’re feeling a cold coming along, they’ll boost you and prevent one creeping in. Lastly, magnesium capsules from here. These boost my energy & mood and support the nervous system.


Listen to your body. If you’re tired, rest. If your body wants you to move, move. But again, be careful that you’re not ‘stressing’ yourself out, because similarly to caffeine – it’ll increase your cortisol levels.