S W E A T + F L O W with Intention

S W E A T + F L O W with Intention

It’s not often that I enter the ‘Accelerate’ room at Core Collective but I was told by a friend that it was imperative I gave one of Rebekah Abdeen’s spin classes a go… So last week, I did just that. Rebekah is an incredibly light hearted and motivating teacher and I knew from the moment that she told us to set our intention for the class, I was going to enjoy it. A seriously endurance based workout and without a doubt one of the best sweats I’ve had in a long time.

Rebekah is the energy behind #5 which is an online lifestyle platform providing downloadable hybrid workouts, conscious street apparel, music + food inspiration, whilst supporting those who need the help of humanity most.

As you know I’m a huge advocate of positive energy and Rebekah’s couldn’t be more on point; of course in person but she also chooses to use the ‘+’ sign instead of ‘and’ as part of her brand to help spread positivity. LOVE THAT.

The downloadable workouts; FW17 MORNING NOON + NIGHT are the first series of #5 Sweat + Flow.
There are 3 different workouts, all 45 minutes in length but each carry a unique energy, style + playlist to suit the time of day. You can expect a mood-boosting, easy to follow + uplifting AM workout with MORNING, a focussed cardio-free sculpting Sweat for your office or the airport departure lounge with the NOON workout, and NIGHT? A seriously deep + intense pre-party energiser to finish your day strong. Each workout delivers a hybrid full body Sweat of yoga, pilates, HIIT, cardio + deep stretch, all to the beat of an electrifying + atmospheric playlist. All available to rent or buy here.


I caught up with Rebekah on how she leads her balanced life:

– What’s your favourite post workout meal & why?

A little odd, but this seriously sorts me out after a good sweat… Wholewheat pasta w/ peas, feta, olive oil + lemon. If I’ve been run off my feet all day, I’ll add chicken but I prefer to stay meat-free as much as possible.

– How do you unwind?

Music always. I have a few different playlists that help me zone-out gradually rather than hitting a crashing low after the high octane tones of teaching. There’s also a huge field near to my house where I like to take the dog; she lets off some steam, whilst I lay in the grass and enjoy some fresh air. I try to stay off the phone…

– Would you say your life is balanced? How do you stay balanced?

I’ve definitely become much better at staying balanced, I was an absolute nightmare in my early/mid ‘20s! I’m northern so | find it therapeutic to go up to Northumberland from time to time; visit family, get a fresh perspective + ground myself. I think travel is so important for the soul, it definitely gives me a much greater appreciation for life + broadens my horizons. Otherwise when it comes to food? A little bit of what’s bad for you, doesn’t do you any harm – I’m a firm believer in that + listening to my body.

– What’s your advice for someone starting a business in the fitness/wellness industry?
It’s such as fast-paced industry + there are a Lot of copy cats. Don’t watch what others are doing, it will only stifle your creativity. The more you look left + right, the less you can focus on moving forward; and if someone plagiarises your vibe? Take it as a compliment + an opportunity to open your mind to other, greater possibilities.

Check out the workout trailer here: