Ahhh HOW is it September again!? Who knows, but what I do know is that after this incredibly awesome, but indulgent summer I am bang on getting back into routine. Do you ever feel as though September is almost like a second shot at January? Or even a mock-test pre Jan? I always get the back to school feeling… Wouldn’t mind a new pair of shoes and quite down for some fresh stationery 😉 BUT what I suggest you do is follow my lead and…

FIRST things first: Remove any nasties from your cupboards and fridge… This includes things like white pasta, chocolate, white bread, nasty dressings etc. (FYI I’m personally removing the most delicious bread in the world from Gail’s (the seeded loaf – OMG), the Lindt creme brûlée chocolate bar (noooo, this is my actual nemesis), the processed M&S hummus and cheddar. It’s game time and these are not going to help.)

Then… Depending on how strict you are with yourself, take a trip to the super market and stock up on the foods from my ‘Summer Shopping List’ or check out the CPRESS cleanses. You may already know that this is one of my favourite ways to kickstart and mainly because on the occasion where I let my ‘balance’ slip too far one way, I actually find it so hard to get back into the routine of cooking and thinking about food, so I let these guys do it for me.

I always go for the green cleanse, purely because I find the ones with many fruit juices a bit too sweet and sugary which I slightly feel defeats the object (I’m sure it doesn’t, it’s just how I feel!), and yes I am one of those people who just generally loves a green juice… But if you’re ‘normal’ and don’t, then definitely opt for one of the other ones otherwise it’s going to be a long few days.

Throughout the cleanse you might feel a little headachey, but this is absolutely fine – just push through with lots of water, because I guarantee that the following day you’ll wake up feeling fresh and flat tummied! Then when you’re done, head to the supermarket with my shopping list and start integrating healthy and nourishing foods.

A present to you: 20% OFF any cleanse when you check out using the code TBALANCESEPT

Other things that are going to creep back into my life are things such as:

Salt scrubbing – ah! This is amazing I swear. Make sure you scrub on dry skin, in circular motions to stimulate the blood flow. It’ll replenish tired and dry skin and leave it feeling insane! A particular favourite right now is The Sanctuary Spa salt scrub. Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy the salt scrub or you don’t want to use products on your skin, then you can try using one of these.  Motion this around your body, pushing the blood towards your heart.  Apparently a total winner for cellulite.

Hitting up some Kundalini classes at TriYoga.

Bathing in Magnesium salts – mainly because I love an excuse to take longer than 10 mins in the bathroom but also because by doing this, it’s amazingly hydrating for the skin, so for anyone who’s just come back from holiday, run your bath!
Also add a few drops of lavender oil too, one of the more enjoyable ways to help you sleep!

Ordering my next batch of Bodyism probiotics, tick. If you don’t already take probiotics then there’s no better time to start than NOW. But seriously, I couldn’t emphasise more how important our gut health is. And many of you have probably been compromising its health over the summer with drinking more alcohol and INSERT.
A handful of foods that would be good for you to increase are: oats, bananas, leeks, garlic, nuts, artichokes and asparagus.

The Organic Pharmacy Skin Radiance, because soon the summer glow will go and this supplement is packed full of Vitamin C, super berries and Rosehip. Rosehip is especially amazing for combatting sun damage too!

I’ve actually recently started taking Aloe Vera juice again to help with digestion – I’d forgotten how helpful it is, and massively recommend!

Let me know how you get on and the ways in which you kickstart! x