Crushing That Inner Voice, The Ego

Crushing That Inner Voice, The Ego

We all have a voice inside us that we can trust to guide and protect us. This is our intuition, which at its purest is a ‘knowing’ sense of calmness, confidence and trust that is led by your true self. But what tends to happen for many is that a very negative, inner critic voice (aka the ego) is so much more vocal in our minds. Messages from the ego are often linked to fear, whether this is a fear of not being good enough, failure or being embarrassed, the ego will try and talk you out of doing things based on these fears, resulting in harsh messages. Whereas messages from your intuition will be much more respectful and more in line with self love.
If you suddenly find that you’re questioning yourself or that you’re feeling deflated, your inner critic has probably just sprung to life.

Intuition Vs Inner Critic

Your inner critic will often become more vocal when you decide that you want to do something, perhaps for the first time. It will tell you ‘helpful’ things such as “people will think you’re ridiculous” or “you’ll look stupid”, supposedly to protect you from your fears. In fact what this is really doing is not only holding you back from what it is you want to be doing with your life but it’s also preventing you from progressing.

Your intuition on the other hand is more or less the opposite of this and wants what is best for you. It’s a lot gentler and this can make it easier to ignore compared to your inner critic. Over time, the noise of the inner critic may make lead you to feeling as though you’re on the wrong path; but it’ll also find countless reasons as to why you shouldn’t pursue another way of being. A living nightmare! The way around this is to put the ego firmly in the background and tune into your intuition instead, this isn’t by any means easy – but by dedication to pattern changing, it will happen.

Eliminating the Ego

Firstly, you need to identify when your inner critic is talking. At the start you might find this a pretty tiring exercise, depending on how overactive the ego is; in some cases you might not even realise that it’s happening! Anyway, start by taking a step back from your thoughts, this will help you to realise how much your inner critic is controlling you.

Until now, the chances are pretty high that you’ve not only been believing every word that your inner critic says, but it’s likely that you’ve been taking it to heart and this will have caused serious detriment to the way you value yourself. A better approach is to listen to what is being said but don’t let it drag you down. Acknowledge it, question whether it has any truth whatsoever and then move on… Almost like a form of meditation. Another useful thing you can ask yourself when faced with a challenge, that might be overridden by the ego, is “What would a stronger, more confident and even better version of myself do in this situation?” After you’ve given it some good thought and you get your answer, that’s your inner voice talking – listen to it!”

Tuning Into Your Intuition

Learning how to tap into your intuition can be a challenge when you are so used to listening to your inner critic. Start off by making gut reactions to even the little questions that come up on a day to day basis. Instead of spending five minutes deciding what you want to have for dinner, make the first thing that comes to mind. This helps to hone your gut instinct in preparation for any big decisions that come up in the future.

To really tap into your intuition, you need to quieten your busy mind so there are less thoughts rushing through it and you are a lot more at peace with yourself. This is when you can start to hear your heart speaking to you rather than the ego. Intuition can flow so much more freely when your mind isn’t full of busy thoughts.

3 Ways to Tune Into the Intuition

Trust your gut to make the right decisions for you. We all get feelings in our gut that warn us when something isn’t quite right and until now, it’s likely that you have been going against this and regretted it afterwards. Trusting your gut instincts isn’t easy to start off with but you’ll soon realise how strong the intuition is!

Take a step back and think about the habits that you probably use to go through the day. We’re often functioning on autopilot and don’t need to think about what we’re doing because of these habits and this doesn’t require us to use the intuition. Breaking free from this taps into the intuition so much more and helps to hone it.

Meditation is the perfect way to silence the noise in your mind, which is so important for honing the intuition and encouraging your inner voice to speak to you. Start off just focusing on your breathing for a couple of minutes to quieten your mind, then you can ask the intuition to start guiding you with any questions that are on your mind.