Communicate with Blossom & Berry

Communicate with Blossom & Berry

I keep finding myself talking about the importance of communication – with literally everyone. A few weeks ago I was posting about how my throat chakra was feeling out of balance and that I was finding it hard to communicate. I have watched various things in my life change for the better (and worse) via communication (or lack thereof) over the past few years and upon reflection, it’s super interesting how much power we have through our words and actions. I mean… We have total power!

I have never been the sort to find it particularly hard to communicate – obviously with some people, it’s better than others and obviously in some circumstances it’s easier than others, but there are people who are close to me who I can see really struggle. And this struggle is something that definitely comes from way way back – which is why, despite not having a baby, when I met Gayle and heard about her business; Blossom and Berry, it massively interested me.

Anyway, I was at an amazing event the other day run by The Step Up Club Girls where I met the amazing Gayle Berry from Blossom and Berry. I was so drawn to her and the business she has been running for the past 15 years. Gayle offers an amazing service whereby she teaches mums to connect with their babies through touch, yoga and massage. In fact, it’s not only Mums that Gayle works with… If you’re struggling with your current job situation and it’s not where you want to be then Gayle can help take you from where you are now to running a successful, flexible and rewarding business, whilst doing what you love. Sounds great, right?

If you’re interested in the concept that love creates love, and you want to be taught how to nurture babies and children to create positive, happy relationships then check out Blossom And Berry and get in contact with Gayle.