Pilates with Alex

Last week I had my first proper pilates session with Alex Coleman; it was great. First of all, let me introduce you to Alex… Alex is an inspiring and incredibly friendly Aussie who has been teaching pilates for 10 years, she has worked closely with osteopaths and physiotherapists to ensure that her understanding of the principles of movement is bang on.Alex sees her clients in London at Lomax in Chelsea and Moss Pilates in the City. The reason why Alex is so my kind of girl is because she focuses on wanting all of her clients to feel the best they can; she knows that your body wants to feel good… But that it just needs to be shown how. THIS is exactly why Alex is just who I need…

Recenlty I have been faffing around with my body and workout regime. My mentality (until recently) was that the harder I worked in a gym class or ran on a treadmill then the better I would look…. I don’t doubt this to be true necesarilly but I was doing this from a place of wanting to change what I have and in some ways punish myself. This then changed when I got into yoga in January… Since then I have literally done 3 workout classes and when I am in the flow of yoga I really do feel leaner, more toned and just generally more feminine, perfect!

When Alex and I met, we just clicked – the ways that we are trying to help individuals are the same… Except Alex is doing it through movement and me through coaching. But we both want to feel the best we possibly can, and want this for the people we work with.I didn’t hesitate and got booked in.

One of the first things Alex asked me to do was lie on my back and lift one of my legs to ‘table top’ position… easy. Or so I thought. But the reality was, I couldn’t do this without tilting my pelvis – it was super difficult. It took me 5 minutes to send signals from my brain to isolate my leg and lift from my hamstring rather than using any other part of my body.Alex also told me that the membrane that goes from my toe to the back of my skull is weak and not taut like it should be – as a result this means that I lose tone easily and am hyper mobile (which was probably the saddest part of my session with Alex… because I’m hyper mobile, I shouldn’t do yoga… I really thought I’d found my thing with yoga. Apparently not.) Anyway, so baby steps is the way we’re moving… My hips were unaligned, not moving properly and tight, my shoulders were out… to the point that when I moved them round in circles my left one was pretty much dislocating… (great) and I have a tendency to continutously lock my knees out which is uncomfortable and far from attractive. So… Bring it on! Surely a perfect candidate for a transformation with Alex? I can’t wait for my next session and to learn about my body from the inside and to see how it can move and function at its full potential.