HOW TO: Boost Your Nutrition

HOW TO: Boost Your Nutrition

March is the National Month of Nutrition so there’s no better time than now to address your health goals that may have slipped since January!

There are so many little things that you can do to enhance your nutrition and even if you’re not wanting to make a massive change, see if you can add some of these smaller ones to your daily routine, I can assure you they’ll add up and will start to make you feel amazing.

– Swap your first coffee of the day for a cup of hot water with the juice of 1/2 lemon. This will cleanse your digestive system and rehydrate your body after sleeping.
– Make sure you always carry a healthy snack alternative on you, eg: nuts, dark chocolate or oatcakes so that if you feel your blood sugar levels are plummeting, you can snack on something that is going to level them out and not spike them!
– Know that wheat & dairy products are hard to digest. Try having two days a week where you allow your body to rest from these and cut them out.
– Add greens into your breakfast… They’ll increase your mood and productivity for the day.

  • Try adding Bodyism’s Body Brilliance to your morning breakfast shake. It is packed full of super greens and the fact it contains cinnamon will help to settle your sugar cravings.
  • If I have the time to make it I love getting a hit of spinach at breakfast, I have it with scrambled eggs or salmon.
  • Try my green smoothie, recipe below

– Protein is also something you should think about for breakfast, this will help you stay fuller for longer and will also help subside the sugar cravings. Things to include are: eggs, salmon, nuts, chia seeds and avocado.
– Don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry. Do a weekly shop and make a note of what you’re going to buy before you become the proud owner of the carb/chocolate aisle.
– If you’re feeling thirsty it means you’re already dehydrated so make it a priority to increase your water drink 2 litres of water a day.
– Increase your fibre intake because this will improve your digestive system and the health of your skin & heart. Foods such as: chickpeas, lentils, chia & flax seeds, quinoa, black beans and artichokes are great sources of fibre.
– If you live in London, take advantage of 20% OFF a CPRESS juice cleanse or clean eating program by using the code TBALANCE20 at checkout. They’ll deliver it to your door and I can assure you it’ll help eliminate the bad habits!

Green smoothie:
1 x handful of spinach
1 x scoop of Body Brilliance
1 x handful of blueberries
1 x tsp almond butter
1/2 cup of water