My 5 Top Reads

When trawling the shelves, or internet for ‘what to read next’ I am always eager to find something that will either help me escape reality or something that’s leading me one step closer a ‘better person’ or something that’s going to provide me with tools that I can incorporate into my day to day life. The following five are reads that I have most enjoyed over the past year, but also ones that I truly have taken so much from.

The Universe Has Your Back – Gabrielle Bernstein aka Wonderwoman.

Gabrielle was, in fact, the first person who opened my eyes to reasons as to why I live my life the way I do now. Some of the things that she writes initially freaked me out because they were a little too “spiritual” but others resonate massively. This book, like many of her others, is so comforting because it teaches you how to step back, look at your life and open your eyes to the fact that everything that’s happening to you, you can handle, it will make you stronger and it is leading you in the right direction. The concept of turning fear into faith I found tricky to come to terms with at first, but Gabrielle shares so many stories that are easily relatable and also how she’s overcome situations by believing in something more powerful and greater than ourselves. She’s one of those inspirational people that you want to know more about! It was during the time of reading this book that I realized that everything happening to me, whether it be good or bad, was working in my favour. If you’re struggling to find the ‘good’ in situations, people and the things around you then I would massively recommend giving this one a go, it’ll really help you break down barriers.

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne

I often get recommended books and within moments will have forgotten the author/title and even if I write them in my notes I never refer back to them – but with The Secret, this was not the case. The Secret for some reason was one that stuck with me and I now know why; I chose The Secret for a purpose, to gain further knowledge about how I can have, be or do anything I want. Being the type to easily lose focus… I adore nothing more than a book whereby I feel captivated from the start and this was no exception, by the end of the foreword I was eager to know everything. What is The Secret?I really don’t want to spoil this book for you, as it has to be read by anyone reading this (this is confirming that it has been ‘sent’ to you!), but all you need to do is ask yourself what you want, then once you’re clear with what this is, talk about it, think about it and create… It honestly works!Pick up this book. Find yourself fascinated within moments. Love the case studies then change your thoughts and change your life.

The Alchemist – Paul Coelho

This heartwarming tale of a young man’s journey to his dream follows on nicely from The Secret. It uncovers so many easily forgotten, important aspects of life including:
– Whoever you are or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something it is because that desire originated from the bottom of the universe… It is your mission to go with that feeling and the universe will do all in its power to help you achieve it.
– Everyday will feel the same if you fail to recognize the good things that happen to you, each day.
– The great importance of omens and being aware of the signs around you; omens are guides that talk to the individual and are commonly different for each person.
– To know that on the journey to your dream, there will be setbacks. Purely to make you fight harder.
– One of the most important languages is the language that doesn’t depend on words, never cast aside the importance of body language.
– Apply the lessons that you have learnt from previous journeys to your current one.
– Listen, intently, to your heart.
– Never interfere with the destiny of another, because this will prevent you from finding your own.
– The fear of failure makes a dream impossible to achieve.
– Life is abundant to those who pursue their destiny.
The Alchemist left me feeling energized with the reminder that I am capable of doing whatever it is I dream of… At any time in my life. I hugely recommend it!

Daily Love – Mastin Kipp

I can’t remember who it was that pointed me in the director of Mastin, but I’m incredibly thankful to whoever did as his wise words have been able to break down so much for me. It wasn’t long after I started following Mastin’s daily love quotes on social media that I felt the urge to buy a copy of Daily Love. If you’re looking for something that is half biographical half self-help then this is the one for you. I guarantee that within the first four chapters you’ll love Mastin and the honesty in his writing… The self-proclaimed drug addict, college drop-out and geek who yearned to be included in something important, has managed to turn his life around via yoga and spiritual beliefs. Spirituality is something that I had always shied away from, but he helped me to understand that spirituality really is about how unconditionally loving and accepting you are toward yourself and others. He highlights that success is what happens to you if (and how) you survive all of your mistakes and that the outcome of your life doesn’t have to be what the experts tell you it’s going to be. If you’re looking to improve your self love, Daily Love is a great place to start.

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

Ask yourself what it is that you’re afraid of… Public speaking? Making decisions? Intimacy? Changing jobs? Being alone? Ageing? Driving? The list is often endless and Susan Jeffers has written a bible to help. She touches on the fact that the main issue is usually not about the fear itself but how we hold the fear she also mentions the importance of taking responsibility for your own life, which is something that I so firmly agree with.The immediate reason I chose this book was the fact I became aware that I needed to start doing more of the things I feared… Terrifying, but mission accomplished, because instead of finding a reason to not do these things ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’ has taught me to affirm that in facing my fears I am in fact carrying myself from one comfort zone to the next; this to me is self-gratification. Thank you for converting me to the belief that doing anything that scares me, actually pushes me closer to my purpose and that as long as I continue to grow, fear is never going to go away! This is definitely one for everyone to read, but especially for those who are looking to break through a fear boundary.