Skin Mapping

Your skin is your biggest organ and it is important to pay attention as to what is going on with it. So if you are noticing any unexpected changes or breakouts then skin mapping is a really interesting guide as to what might be going on for you.

Forehead: The forehead is a window to the liver and gallbladder and by eating too much fat, it can cause us to breakout in this area. Minimising your processed foods and alcohol intake will help, and foods such as leafy greens, cucumber, banana, pineapple, celery, herbs, artichokes and sweet potatoes are all really great for supporting the gall bladder. Milk thistle drops are incredible for restoring and maintaining liver health.

Bridge of nose and upper cheeks: This area related to your heart and if you’re breaking out here it most likely means that your intake of saturated fats is too high. Add good fats, such as avocado, salmon, nuts and chia & flax seeds into your diet, I’m sure this will help – and by introducing more ‘good fats’ it’ll prevent you from craving the bad fats!

Middle cheeks: This is the region that related to your stomach and lungs… So for all those smokers out there – if you’re wondering why your skin isn’t glowing, straight up here’s your answer! Dairy and wheat may also affect these regions, so perhaps try avoiding them for a bit and see if it helps.

Lower cheeks & nose: These areas are controlled by the liver and stomach. Any redness, wrinkles or breakouts can be blamed on food intolerances and toxic buildup! If your skin isn’t looking too fresh in these areas then use this as the time to clean up your diet… Vegetable juice will help soothe the skin too – I always find ones with cucumber and celery in particular.

Between the brow: The third eye area is connected to your stomach and liver and relate to digestion and the build up of toxicity in the body, if you are experiencing problem skin in this area then it might be worth considering a detox. Two of my favourite are the: 9 day Bodyism detox and the CPress juice cleanses. For your digestion ensure that you’re taking a good quality probiotic!

Temples: The temple area correlates to the kidneys, so be sure to keep yourself hydrated and up your leafy green intake. And a good addition to a morning smoothie would be the ultimate clean supplement from the Bodyism Clean & Lean range, it’s great to know that you’ve had a hit of greens first thing in the morning and this supplement has amazing fat burning properties.

Jawline: This is the window to the ovaries and colon and is the area that is linked to hormones, especially in women. If you’re a woman, menstruating and suffering from breakouts then this is your chance to load up on the green vegetables and hydrating foods (such as watermelon, celery and cucumber) and try to make sure that your stress levels are under control.

Mouth area: This area corresponds to the stomach and is probably a sign of toxic build up. It’ll help if you have a mini detox and add some more green veg and fibre to your diet. An easy fibre option are flax seeds as you can literally sprinkle them on anything and everything!

Lymph nodes (neck): When the glands are swollen or irritated, this is usually an indication that your body is trying to fight off illness and you should make sure that you’re taking extra care of yourself. Practice a balanced diet, yoga, deep breathing and anything that will help your body release emotional and physical stress – this is mega important as your energy needs to be used for healing!

Under the eyes: You’re unlikely to have problem skin in this area, but you might suffer from puffy or dark circles around the eye area which are of course things that we want to avoid! This area of your face is linked to your stomach, kidneys and liver. The intake of obvious things such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine need to avoided and you need to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and drinking plenty of detoxifying tea (Detox by Pukka is my favourite!)

There are of course, some underlying rules with skin (sugar for example), but don’t forget that we’re all different and what works for your best friend or family member, might not work for you. You might have found some of the above guidelines repetitive, but balance your baseline health, improve your immunity and pinpoint your sensitivities and you’ll notice such an improvement in your skin.

Over the past couple of months I have been using Bodyism’s Beauty Food supplement, it’s incredible and as well as a great hit of super greens you’ll also be ingesting marine collagen peptides which are known to protect and repair damaged skin and generally make your skin glow.