My Four Secrets To Keeping Your Resolutions

My Four Secrets To Keeping Your Resolutions

So, if you happen to have fallen off the resolution bandwagon and are looking for something to get you right back on track then keep reading. Sustainability is what I believe to be the key to long lasting changes , because in order to make changes that you’re going to stick to then they need to be realistic for you.
‘You’ being the most important word here because we are all different and even though there may be a sea of people around you doing what works for them, it may not be what works for you. Keep the focus on what feels right for you, some of the below suggestions might be helpful…

My resolution was to ‘detox’…

So, hopefully your body benefitted from at least a couple of days detox post your NYE celebrations? But seriously, detox is only meant to be for a short period of time to rid your body from anything toxic or unhealthy and shouldn’t be considered a new way of life… So you’re off the hook! Try crowding out which means rather than the mindset of depriving yourself of what you love, you start to include foods into your diet that will eliminate the unhealthy cravings. The Bodyism 9 day detox. is a really easy way to reset your body and mind- it helps you rid yourself of sugar cravings and will remind you that eating well is not about restriction, it’s actually about giving your body exactly what it wants.

My resolution was to go to the gym…

First of all, make sure that the reason you’re upping your exercise routine is because you love your body, not because you hate it. The other day I was reading about the ‘law of attraction’ and how what we create always starts with a thought. Something that really resonated with me was the fact that if you’re constantly thinking “I’m fat” then you’re essentially affirming that you’re fat and you’re probably going to stay that way. Or if you’re saying “I must ‘lose weight’” then you’re going to be constantly granted the wish of ‘losing weight’, with weight to lose and nothing will ever change… So, visualise exactly what you want to look like and alter your bodily thoughts to loving and caring ones, and watch your body transform.
Secondly, listen to your body! This is the most important advice I’ve ever been given (and will ever give!) and it is really interesting how effective it is. Some days I thrive from the energy in a spin class and others I want to lie on the floor doing some yoga poses – yet I get as much out of one as I do the other when I know that it’s the right thing for me on that day. As founder of Bodyism, James Duigan, always says ‘listen to your body’.

My resolution was to set boundaries…

Boundaries are without a doubt one of the main things that need to be enforced to ensure that you do not feel at the mercy of others and so that you have a healthy relationship with yourself, and others.
If you think that any of the following apply to you, then it might be a sign to set some boundaries: you find it hard to say no to people, you sometimes feel passive aggressive, you’re often annoyed, you deep down feel that others don’t show you respect, you’re tired for no reason or you often feel like a victim in situations. Boundaries will open you up to a whole new energy of life, the first way to doing this is to figure out what your fundamental values are. Who are you? What do you value? What will you accept? From those answers, you can begin to create boundaries which might feel scary at first but will help you in the long run.

My resolution was to be more mindful…

Mindfulness can be a funny one because what it actually means to be mindful is to be conscious and aware – which in itself is a tiring thought. But with anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes – so why don’t we start with a handful of smaller things.
Mindful eating – start by just doing this at one meal a day, the main reason I say this is because when you do it properly, it’s pretty anti social! You need to make sure that you’re sitting, comfortably at at table (actually, make sure you do this whenever you eat, now is the time to ditch eating from the sofa, car or on the move!). You want to become aware of the whole sensation of eating, so try having your first mouthful with your eyes closed, feel the textures and taste the flavours.
Mindful walking – walking is something that we should be so grateful for and it’s great for helping us to clear our minds. Add some more walking into your daily life, get off the bus at the stop before you need to, take the stairs instead of the lift or just go for a walk and appreciate everything around you.
Be mindfully caring – this is something that I so believe in, being caring is one of the most valuable and attractive qualities someone can have. Help the old person cross the road even when you’re in a rush, do favours for people if you have some spare time, share what you have, reciprocate what you receive and listen to the people around you.
To be caring will leave you with a sense of purpose.
Be tech-mindful – in case you didn’t know, the blue and white lights that are emitted from our phones and computer screens actually prevent our brains from producing melatonin which then stops our bodies from thinking it’s nighttime. Our sleep is so precious and we should be doing everything to ensure that we’re getting as much as possible… So, if you’re the sort (like me) to scroll for miles down your Instagram feed or be replying to emails, that really can wait until the morning, before you shut your eyes then this is definitely something you’ll benefit from. I’m making a pact with myself, as of now, to put my laptop and phone away an hour before I intend on sleeping.

If you’re looking for some further guidance, I have recently launched a new program called Sustainability in Six. This program is made up of six sessions over 12 weeks and is tailored to the individual- it includes techniques on how to master the above, and more.

If the course is something you’re interested in then please get in touch!