Unleash Your Inner Power

Unleash Your Inner Power

Powerful can mean a whole load of different things, but what does it mean to you?

Are some of the following the first things that spring to mind? Being strong and successful, being in control of your life and having the ability to influence and affect people? Perhaps. But I want to dig deeper than what power is on the outside and how it is that we can create power within ourselves. We are powerful when we hold ourselves responsible for our actions, the way we see things and our happiness & wellbeing… But how do we get there?

Here are a handful of ways that can help you find your power.

Be caring. Care for the people who surround you. From the people who you work with to the people who work for you, to the smiley (or not-so smiley) person who gives you your morning coffee, to the individual who got in the way of your commute.
We are all here for our various purposes and don’t let your race, gender, age, wealth or authority get in the way of thinking that you’re ‘more powerful’ than anyone else. This might seem contrary to people’s belief of ‘being your own person, doing your own thing and not caring about what people think of you’ but care what people think. We are humans that should care, and caring is different to obsessing over what people think of you.
Try to see the best in people, I don’t mean this in an airy-fairy or naive manner but no one is bad, we are not born into this world as ‘bad people’, but there are individuals who sometimes do bad things due to their lack of direction or connection with the world or themselves. Seeing the best in people is actually just mirroring what you see in yourself, and you’re much more powerful when you’re feeling better about yourself.
Stick to your commitments. Aim high but don’t set the bar too high because if you don’t reach it, you may start to resent yourself. Don’t let people down, because this will start to grate on you and will give you a sense of letting yourself down.
Set boundaries and know your limits – when you’re powerful over your own life you will not be agreeing to do things you cannot honour, this will in turn give you a boost of self-respect and the people around you will pick up on your self-respect and in turn, respect you.
Be accountable for yourself and admit when you’re wrong. Don’t make excuses or blame others, instead take responsibility for your actions. Taking responsibility for your own life is powerful.
Self-care, remember you cannot give others something you don’t have. If you want to be the most powerful person you know you need to fuelling yourself with doing what you love, the right food, thoughts and relationships/friendships.
Be humble, be kind. I read a quote the other day that said: “No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is. The grave is still going to be the same size! Stay humble.” This stuck with me and I hope it does for you, too.

“I am electric, I am passionate, I am powerful and I am ready.”

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