Sometimes we expect more from others,
because we would be willing to
do that much for them.

The definition of ‘expectation’ is to have a strong belief that something will happen.
Which leads to expectations being a bit of a funny one, because when you value yourself you naturally do have expectations, and so you should… for the things that you’re in control of.

But it’s not uncommon to hear the words “I expected more.. ” or “I expected better…” when people are disappointed in a situation where they have depended on someone or something. It is unfair to put pressure or expectations on others when you have no control over their actions and it often leads to anger, frustration and disappointment. This is where expectations need to be dropped and I’ll show you how. Firstly, please note that when I talk about expectations being lowered or dropped, I’m not saying that you should settle for something less – only that often we have unrealistic expectations of situations and the people around us and these are the ones I’m referring to.

– You need to start by have an open mind and go into things without expecting anything from it – for example, those times when you have ‘no idea what to expect’ often turn out to the the best, right?!
– Make sure that the people you have in your life appreciate you for who you are.
Accept flaws in the people around you, no one is perfect. (and whilst mentioning perfection, remember that there is no perfect job, no perfect spouse and no perfect life!)
Have hope rather than expectations.
Accept that every situation is as it should be.
Stay present, because then you are appreciating what is happening around you and not worrying about what may or may not happen.

If you are able to do the above and drop your expectations, you should feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

NB: Often wants are confused with needs, anticipation with expectation, self with relationships and loneliness with emptiness.