How to: Prepare for the New Year

How to: Prepare for the New Year

When starting to prepare for a New Year I think first and foremost it’s important to take a look at the year that’s coming to a close.
Remember the person you were on January 1st 2016? Look at what you’ve achieved, the things you’ve done and the things that you wish you had done.
Reflection is so crucial for going forward; it is in fact the way we learn from our mistakes. Making mistakes isn’t enough anymore… You’ve got to then reflect on what happened and work out how to not let it happen again.
When reflecting, do so in a positive manner. Don’t be overly harsh on yourself because whatever it is that you have or haven’t done this year, you’ll have learnt something from the outcome.

So after doing some reflection myself, I’ve come up with the below pointers which I hope will help you feel confident and positive about going into 2017.

– If you don’t do this already, start tuning into yourself, take the time to appreciate what’s going on around you and open your eyes to everything. The first time I was told that I needed to become more ‘aware of my surroundings’ I literally thought ugh what does this even mean? – I, like many I’m sure, would just rush around and not notice the things that were happening around me and the days would just pass and in hindsight it actually feels as though I was a bit numb. 
Since then, I’ve really made an effort to be in control of my time; therefore I am not constantly rushing around and in turn am able to notice the things around me. I want this for you too, give yourself the time in your day that you need… We all have the same amount of hours, so as of January 1st be sure to use them as best you can.

Set your intentions, I’m not talking about ‘New Year resolutions’ because we all know that those rarely work. But tap into what it is that you realistically want from the year ahead and how you’re going to get there. Please take note of the word ‘realistically’ because in my first draft I actually wrote about not aiming too high because if you don’t ‘make it happen’ then you will be disappointed… And self-punishment after feeling as though we’ve ‘failed’ is way worse than not meeting a goal. I do believe this to be true, but aim high and do everything in your power to make it happen!

Manifest what you want and visualise yourself where you want to be. Let your desires be heard, if you keep them in your head then how can anyone know? It’s similar to when we expect the people around us to know what we’re thinking… they really can’t unless you actually tell them! Stay focused with what it is you want.

– Make sure you have a positive mindset – thoughts are energy and energy creates a situation. If you’re feeding negative thoughts into your life then negative things will happen… And this works in the reverse for positive thoughts and positivity.

– Say goodbye to controlling the people and situations around you. I actually think that this is up there with one of the most interesting things I’ve learnt on my journey. There are times, of course when you have to make decisions, but this is so different from controlling. Controlling is actually when you have a lack of trust and faith in people and situations, it’s when you believe that you could do something better. If you think that you’re the slightly controlling type then it’s time to recognise this and start working on it.

– I’m sure some of you will have some belief in a higher power, but if not then see if you can find it (this really doesn’t have to have any religious connotations, it’s more something that you can trust in). Dedicate yourself to what it is that you want, work hard and hand it all over to your higher power, and rest assured that what you want will come to you.

No regrets… Let it all go, you’ve done everything you can… and well done – because you’re a whole year wiser and stronger.

– Then lastly, the most important one, work on your self-love. Give yourself the kindness and respect that you give your best friend. Happy New Year!! xo