Inner Fire

Inner Fire

Do you ever come across people who are so electric and ooze passion then wonder why it is they feel like this? The answer is that these people are highly connected to their inner self, they know what drives them, excites them and makes them tick.

If you feel you need a little guidance to find or keep your fire burning, then keep reading.

I like to think there are two things that light us up: the fire and the sparks.

Ever had that overwhelming feeling of electric energy whilst doing doing or having done something that makes you feel alive?  That feeling which makes you feel so in tune with who you are and what you’re doing?  This is inner fire.  (A few things that come up for me are: exciting new projects with work, meeting with clients and watching their progression and the feeling after and during meditation).
The fire feelings should be things that you create for yourself, without gaining happiness from exterior factors or influencers, think inner.
Do you ever experience smaller, more frequent bursts of satisfaction and happiness?  The things that keep you balanced and in a good headspace?  These are your inner sparks.  (For me, the sparks show when I’m surrounding myself with my friends and family or inspiring and energetic people and the feeling after I’ve worked out).

It’s not realistic to feel ‘the fire’ all the time but I want to help you stay in tune with it, to acknowledge and remember the things that light you up.

Try taking some of the following steps to get rid of anything standing in the way of finding your inner fire.

  • De-clutter your life: remove anything that doesn’t give you the pleasure you feel you deserve… Or, if you’re not very good at wanting to give yourself the best treatment then think about what you’d want for your best friend, a family member or someone you care about deeply.  The ‘clutter’ can be anything… From clothes to relationships, debt to food.
  • Ask yourself the following questions: ‘What is it that motivates me?’ ‘What are the things that make me feel amazing and how can I help myself incorporate more of these things into my life?’
  • Start or continue to meditate, daily: don’t be scared of the word meditate – there are so many great apps that can give you a hand and it only has to be 10 minutes a day!
  • Think ‘yellow’: yellow is the colour of the solar plexus, the third chakra; where our will-power and self-esteem comes from.  When this chakra is balanced you will feel in control of your thoughts and emotions.  To help balance this, envisage yellow light around your chest, eat bananas and drink turmeric tea and take a walk in the sunshine or sit by a fire.
  • Set an intention everyday: Today mine is ‘I intend to actualise my dreams.’

The fire is what keeps you going and what will push you to attain a higher level of performance, so take some time to nurture it.