Curb Your Cravings

Curb Your Cravings

Cravings… Why?!

When we crave foods it is a sign that the body and emotions are looking for peace. Some of the factors that are linked to the body include: the fluctuation of hormones, not drinking enough water, stress, lack of sleep, too much exercise and missing nutrients from the diet.
Cravings to support our emotional imbalances for the short term are the ones that are harder to curb and are different for everyone, if you’re currently struggling with either bodily or emotional cravings then the below steps might be helpful.
(These focus on the body rather than emotions, but by practicing them you may find as your bodily cravings subside, perhaps your emotional imbalances do too!)

– Incorporate more protein into your diet – more often than not, on the days where I don’t have a protein fuelled breakfast, I find I get sugar lows (and therefore crave it) before I’ve even had lunch!
– Make sure that you are getting the correct water intake – thirst is commonly confused with hunger, so have a large glass of water or a herbal tea when you feel yourself reaching for your craving.
– Get busy! Often we crave foods when we are bored and are searching for fulfilment.
– There’s nothing like being spontaneous but in order to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need, I would advise planning your meals and including whole-grains.
– Stress is often linked to food cravings, so make a conscious effort to de-stress your days! Try the ‘Calm’ app, they have great meditations including one titled ‘7 days of managing stress’.
– Make sure you’re having enough sleep, our appetites are massively affected by hormones that fluctuate in the day and sleep deprivation disrupts the fluctuations and leads to strong cravings.
– I’ve gotten into the habit of carrying nuts with me, so that if I’m starting to feel my sugar levels drop, then I can reach for the nuts rather than something unhealthy.

Be mindful, remember that being aware of your cravings and their triggers is the first step to crushing them!