How To Hear Your Angels

I sometimes have these moments of complete and utter love and gratitude for the universe and now is one of them.
Today has been one those days where there seems to be an unnecessary amount going on in my head and I have a jarred, tight back which ceases even more when I’m trying to get things done! I think I’ve been forgetting to breathe… Anyway, I’m feeling tense and on edge.

Earlier, after an appointment with the Physio I came home and was doing some research on my laptop for upcoming Hay House events, I love HH and the lectures they hold; it’s so great to be surrounded by such high energy and inspiring people. One that jumped out at me was Kyle Gray’s Angels of Light day in October… I then did a bit of research on Kyle and naturally managed to get distracted by my to-do list and that was that, tab closed.

Later this afternoon I was having some Reiki with my mum and after she’d finished, she opened her massive cupboard of books, and I ask “Do I need to read a book?” … I’m literally thinking, give me a good, inspiring read for my upcoming Ibiza holiday and she trawls through the shelves and hands me: “How to hear your Angels” by Doreen Virtue. Weird. Can’t wait to get reading….