Reboot Your Routine

It’s safe to say the statement ‘eating clean’ is no stranger in the press and after an indulgent summer, topped off with a big bank holiday weekend, I’m ready for a kickstart… I always get the ‘back to school’ feeling in September so I am going to take this opportunity to clean up my diet and reboot my routine. Anyone in?

1. Keep it whole – stick to whole foods! By this I mean, avoid any food that has come from a manufacturing unit! Whole foods actually fill you up and fuel you, whereas empty calories, found in processed foods, fill a mental craving but don’t physically fill you up.
Examples include: Fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed and free-range meats, dairy, eggs, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

2. Get in the Kitchen – when you’re cooking for yourself, you’re guaranteed to up the nutritional value of your food because when eating in restaurants you never know exactly what has been put on your plate, it’s also more processed, less fresh and often unnecessarily over-seasoned. So stock up your fridge and start today!

3. Eliminate Refined Sugar and Carbohydrates – when you’re trying to ‘reboot’, it is imperative that you remove everything from the ‘white foods’ group (white sugar, white flour, rice, pasta, bread etc) from your diet.

4. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels – stabilising your blood sugar levels greatly contributes to healthy food choices. When you wait too long between meals or when you eat processed foods that spike your blood sugar (leading you to crash in energy) – you’re more likely to reach for sugar, fat or caffeine to keep your energy up. If this cycle continues, you will always feel irritable and exhausted. If you make an effort to eat whole foods every 4 (or so) hours your blood sugar and mentality will remain stable.

5. Food Combining – never forget the magic combination of protein, fat and complex carbohydrates. You should be aiming to have a serving of each with every meal. By doing this, you should reach your optimal blood sugar level and your brain fog and cravings will ease.
Examples of great protein sources include, grass-fed meat, fish and tofu. The best fat options are avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds and when buying complex carbs, go for quinoa, brown rice or sweet potatoes.

Try the above and take the approach that ‘the way you do one thing is the way you do everything’. If you’re taking care of yourself by feeding your body beautiful food, you’re much more likely to engage in self-care such as exercise, meditation, baths and other techniques that make your life rich and vibrant.

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