Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Purpose: the reason for which something exists.

The number of people I have spoken to recently who are struggling with job related stress or unhappiness in their work place is vast, and needless to say is causing detrimental effects on their health.
I can relate to working in a toxic environment, doing something that I wasn’t passionate about and it massively wore away at me. The only way that I can really describe it is that in hindsight I wasn’t myself.

A sense of purpose is not only a hard thing to find, but once found, it needs to be harnessed, cherished and nurtured in order to enrich our lives.

I often suggest to clients who are struggling to find enjoyment in their days or a career that they feel passionate about, to take a moment to write down exactly what it is that they enjoy doing and where their interests lie. Or to think of it like this, let’s say hypothetically, you’re leaving the house for your last day ever… What would you do? Or alternatively ask yourself “What can I do with my time that’s important and enjoyable.”
It’s then about finding the career that can enable you to do these things and therefore what you love.

I woke up the other day and had absolutely no energy, I was feeling low and slightly lost, but for no apparent reason; I was lethargic and really couldn’t bear to face the day.
I had a busy morning ahead and also had a meeting with a client. It wasn’t until my client arrived that I felt my purpose shine through and once we’d finished I left feeling light, and as though I was back on track.
Although it was only a short spurt of a ‘bad morning’, it just proves that if you are doing what you love and what you should be doing then your body & mind is grateful and there is a sensation of satisfaction! This may sound strange, but it was such an epiphany for me because my purpose was highlighted right there. We all have bad days, and I hope that by finding what it is you love doing it can help you turn a mood (or your life) around!

There is nothing more rewarding than a life doing something you love. If you’ve got it – congrats! If not, I’m sending you all the positive guidance that you need to find it. xo

Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact.