Respect Your Money

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health”

A J Reb Materi

Nothing is more important or valuable in our lives than good health. If we are not healthy then we are not happy or at peace. Our health consists of many things: food, sleeping habits, mental condition, air, pollution, water, exercise, sunlight and so on. All of these areas should be taken care of in order for us to be able to completely enjoy our lives.

It is important to have an understanding of where our money is going and why. I have been a massive culprit of this and often hear people say that they are broke a week or so before payday and can’t figure out why. Once you know where your money is going you are able to create a budget so the money goes further and therefore lasts longer.

Always remember, respecting your money is respecting yourself.

Action steps to wealth

– Go back through the last couple of month’s bank statements and highlight the things you spent money on that made you happy.
This could be from drinks & supper with friends or a train ticket to somewhere you’d been looking forward to going to for ages. A gym class that made you feel amazing or the new jacket you’d been longing for… Anything!

– Then do the same for the things you resented spending your money on. This excludes the necessities like rent / bills etc. and then see where you can make a change.
Can you find a new way to get to work that isn’t going to cost you as much as you currently pay? Did you enjoy that spin class your friend made you spend that pretty steep £20 for?

Reflect on what you do and don’t want to be spending your money on for the months to come and then make your budget.

– Get organised and start filing! For me, one of most satisfying things is knowing where everything is. Start filing all your bank statements / tax information / payslips etc. Receipts too – you may or may not be the kind to keep all receipts, but if you do – keep them organised, there is nothing worse than having receipts lying around your home or cluttering up your wallet.

– Tidy your wallet – and keep it that way!

Something useful to bear in mind…
50% Needs
30% Wants
20% Savings