Healthy is Sexy

Healthy is Sexy

To feel great means to be healthy and to be healthy you need to look after yourself.

I recently read on a menu the statement ‘healthy is sexy’ and it caught my attention. Being healthy is fundamental to success as you make better decisions, you do things more efficiently and are generally more on it… And that’s sexy, right?

First impressions are everything! Whether you’re going for an interview, a meeting, a date or to an event, people are going to walk away with an impression and and usually the best ones are made when we’re feeling good. Whether we’re in a steady, clear headspace or feeling confident and energetic or looking good, it doesn’t matter but the first impression is always the most important and people are generally looking for ‘the sparkle’.

So how do we get ‘the sparkle’? Sadly it’s not something that we can get at the drop of a hat, but with a little work it’s very possible!

The first step is to check-in with all your ‘Primary Foods’:

– How are your relationships? These include all relationships, but first and foremost, your relationship with yourself, because this is the foundation of everything and by doing this, you will enhance your relationships with others. Then come the relationships with family, friends, intimate, work etc

– Are you exercising regularly enough? Exercise helps dramatically with day to day stress and emotional energy that needs to be released.

– Do you take enough time for yourself in your busy schedule? Relaxing is just as important as exercising. Do you block out an evening a week for yourself or take time to meditate / practice yoga?

– Are you enjoying your career? Mornings are hard enough, make sure that you’re getting up for something that you’re passionate about.

– Are you organised & clean? Both of these are imperative. Are you looking after your cleanliness, clothes, car, office, home? These make a good impression on others and also make YOU feel good.
Then ‘Secondary Foods’:

Remember that we become exactly what we feed ourselves: our blood, hair, skin, nails etc. so we need to be fuelling with the right sorts of foods to really exude the sparkle.

My top tips are – ensure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and that you’re getting enough sleep!


You attract the energy you give off. Spread love, think positively and enjoy your life.